New Features in IFolder 3.6

* File names and directory ames are not encrypted for easy backup and restore
o Existing iFolder TSA can be leveraged for backup through SMS infrastructure (updated TSA with 3.6 release)
o Server Trash Can
+ Every file that is deleted on the client is not immediately deleted on the server. A copy is saved in the trash can
+ Deleted files can be restored using Web Access Interface
+ Will be available with web release
* Supported platforms
o Window XP/2k
o Linux (Suse, SLED 10 and later)
* Supported in Web Release
o Vista 32 and 64 bit
o Macintosh Universal Binary
* Share iFolders
* Better conflict resolution
o User will be able to see more details about the conflicts
o Un-merged copy of the file is saved to the workstation
* Multi Domain support
* Credentials always secure on transport
* New Web Admin console
o New look and feel
o Can be launched from iManager (not in iManager)
o Multi-server management
o Functions for both 2.x and 3.x iManager installs
o Policy management at system level
o Also user level and iFolder level
* Migration
o Client to Client option
+ Only available in pass phrase is known
o Server to server also available with server side tools
o 2.x and 3.x clients can co-exist
o Migraged iFolders will remain unencrypted
* iFolder Next Steps
o No dual storage
+ Use existing user home directories
+ Work with CIFS/Samba based services
o You can transparently use the existing backup and restore infrastructure to iFolders
o users will get Novell iFolder as an extra benefit rather than a new system of managing the files
o Archive and Versioning will be supported
o Shadow volume technology will work seamlessly on iFolder storage
o Administrator will be easily able to convert the existing files into Novell iFolder files on teh server
o Easy backup and restore
+ Extend bakcup API support on the server
+ User can backup and restore the files from his workstation. Admin does not have to be involved in this process
+ Will integrate with other Novell solutions

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  1. Ifolder versi 3.6 memiliki banyak sekali penambahan feature dibandingkan versi 3.5. Bagi anda yang ingin tahu lebih banyak soal Ifolder, silakan buka preview mengenai IFolder. Untuk tutorial (based on ver 3.4 and 3.5, should be OK with 3.6), silakan buka

  2. saya tertarik dengan artikel ini dan mencoba install ifolder 3.6 di suse 10.2
    masuk ke admin dan create user lancar.
    tapi saat mencoba masuk/login ke web ifolder muncul error sbb.:

    Exception Message: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.
    Exception Type: System.UriFormatException
    Exception Site: Void .ctor(String, Boolean)
    Exception Source: System

    Exception Stack:

    System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.
    at System.Uri..ctor (System.String uriString, Boolean dontEscape) [0x00000]
    at System.Uri..ctor (System.String uriString) [0x00000]
    at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.Uri:.ctor (string)
    at System.UriBuilder..ctor (System.String uri) [0x00000]
    at Novell.iFolderApp.Web.Login.DoLogin (System.String username, System.String password, Boolean check) [0x00000]

    kira2 salah setting dimana ya?
    maklum masih pemula linux

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