VPN How To

What is VPN ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN uses the Internet as it’s transport mechanism, while maintaining the security of the data on the VPN.

But really, what IS a VPN?

There are several answers to that question. It really depends on your network layout. The most common configuration is to have a single main internal network with remote nodes using VPN to gain full access to the central net. The remote nodes are commonly remote offices or employees working from home. You can also link two small (or large) networks to form an even larger single network.

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3 thoughts on “VPN How To

  1. I really like it here vpn,the best choise for Wi-fi navigation.
    I entrusted him myr safety.
    And the price is very good. I advise all to use it.

  2. VPNs are crucial to keep critical information private and secure. We use them for our development team and recommend it to all of our clients.
    Great Blog, Muhammad! Keep it up!

  3. kalo koneksi server vpnnya pake speedy bisa gak ya ? maksud saya speednya gimana kalo akses programnya dari luar ? trims

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