Rilis Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.2

Red Hat mengumumkan rilis terbaru dari produk enterprise mereka, yaitu rilis Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.2. Rilis ini merupakan update kedua dari seri produk RHEL 5.x dan termasuk kedalam rilis major.

Today we released the second update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. As with earlier minor releases, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 comes with a broad set of bug fixes, updated hardware support capabilities, quality improvements, and a set of new software features that have been backported from upstream open source projects to the Enterprise Linux 5 code base.

Of course, we don’t normally make a big deal about the release of a minor version, but for this update we’ve decided to go wild and issue a pair of blogs. In this one we will talk about the new features and capabilities on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2. In the other we will highlight something that we are proud of and applies to all Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases, our software maintenance and lifecycle policies. More…

Rilis 5.2 menyertakan berbagai perbaikan dan update terbaru dari software yang disertakan, diantaranya : Virtualization Enhancements (dukungan memori hingga 512 GB dan mendukung hingga 64 CPU per sistem), enkripsi dan aspek keamanan, custering, update Evolution 2.12.3, Firefox 3 (beta), OpenOffice 2.3.0 dan Thunderbird 2.0.

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