Monitoring System Dengan Nagios jilid 1

Nagios adalah Tools network monitoring system opensource yang mudah digunakan. Nagios awalnya didesign untuk berjalan pada sistem operasi Linux, namun dapat juga berjalan dengan baik hampir disemuaĀ  sistem operasi unix.

Fitur – fitur yang tersedia didalam nagios diantaranya:

  • Monitoring of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.)
  • Monitoring of host resources (processor load, disk usage, etc.)
  • Simple plugin design that allows users to easily develop their own service checks
  • Parallelized service checks
  • Ability to define network host hierarchy using “parent” hosts, allowing detection of and distinction between hosts that are down and those that are unreachable
  • Contact notifications when service or host problems occur and get resolved (via email, pager, or userĀ­defined method)
  • Support for implementing redundant monitoring hosts
  • Automatic log file rotation
  • Ability to define event handlers to be run during service or host events for proactive problem resolution
  • Optional web interface for viewing current network status, notification and problem history, log file, etc.


1. Download Nagios dan Nagios-Plugins latest version

cd /usr/local/src

wget -c

wget -c

2. Membuat user dan group Nagios

useradd -s /bin/false -d /opt/nagios nagios

groupadd nagios

groupadd nagcmd

usermod -G nagcmd nagios

usermod -G nagcmd wwwrun

wwwrun –> user web server pada OpenSUSE

3. Ekstrak Nagios yang baru saja di download

tar -xzvf nagios-3.2.3.tar.gz

4. Kompilasi Nagios

cd nagios-3.2.3

./configure --prefix=/opt/nagios --with-command-group=nagcmd

make all

5. Instalasi binaries, init script, contoh file konfigurasi dan menyetting permissions

make install

make install-init

make install-config

make install-commandmode

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