100 Linux Tips & Tricks

* Note : Tips originally taken from http://tipoftheweek.darkelf.net. Website looks like gone away. The author is Patrick Lambert, a student in Computer Science at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

100 Linux tips and tricks is divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter covers a specific topic :

Chapter 1 covers installation of Linux. These are tips and tricks useful when installing Linux itself or any new program. Some tips will cover new means of installing Linux on non-typical hardware, others will explain how to take Linux distributions from an FTP server and make your own CD-ROM with them, or where to find Linux CD-ROMs for as little as $2.

Chapter 2 covers hardware related matters. You will learn tips there on how to get your non-PostScript compatible printer to work, or how to get a sound card detected.

Chapter 3 covers software. You will find tips there about all kinds of Linux software, including where to find and how to install the Java Development Kit port, and everything about the Pine mail and news program.

Chapter 4 covers networking in all its forms. There you will see how to setup a PPP connection quickly, without editing all of the configuration files yourself, as well as some nice programs that were made to ease dialup procedures. You will also see tricks on how to make your local LAN network without unexpected problems.

Chapter 5 is the last chapter but covers an important part of Linux: development. Here you will find a lot of tips on how to write powerful scripts to make your system easier to handle, and a full overview of what to do and what you don’t want to do in C to avoid problems like memory leaks, and how to allow easy scalability.

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